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The Sphere: Revolutionary Entertainment Takes New Shape

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In Las Vegas, where neon signs and bright lights are everywhere, it can be hard to imagine something even more eye-catching. When the spectacular Sphere lit up in September, it immediately transformed the urban landscape and what is possible for art, technology, culture, and imagination. Inside and out, this modern new venue is vibrant and fascinating. At 516 feet wide and 366 feet tall, the Sphere is the World’s Largest Spherical Structure. From the evolving designs of the Exosphere to big-name concerts, robots, and cinema, here’s what you can expect during your next visit.

At First Glance: The Exosphere

From afar or closeup, the Exosphere attracts attention for its dynamic, animated displays lighting up the Las Vegas skyline. The structure just so happens to also be home to the world’s largest LED screen with 1.2 million LED pucks (with the capacity to produce 256 million colors), creating immense possibility for the cityscape canvas, whether original art or advertising from big brands and Hollywood. For instance, when the Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix happens in November, there will be race-related content and other features. The Sphere is hands down the most innovative landmark in Las Vegas, and you’ll want to snap photos of its colorful Exosphere during your visit.

Looking Inside

The Sphere, located one block from the Las Vegas Strip and directly linked to the Venetian Expo, offers unique, expansive space with luxurious seating and hospitality suites. From innovative cinema to other high-profile events spanning sports, music, and the performing arts, visitors can look forward to incredible immersive experiences. As for capacity, the venue accommodates 17,000 seated and 20,000 with standing room. Essentially, the Sphere is an exciting destination for artistry and innovation.

Art, technology, and creativity effortlessly converge within the Sphere. Upon entering, the Main Atrium offers a grand introduction, the first part of the new Sphere Experience, with immersive galleries and a 50-foot-high holographic installation with a 360-degree avatar experience that enhances everything even more. Here, visitors will encounter Aura—five humanoid robots, each representing a different ability, such as connection, creativity, innovation, longevity, and productivity—ready to guide them to explore.

Next Generation Entertainment

As a world-class venue, it is only appropriate that the Sphere makes its live entertainment debut with world-class artists—and “U2: UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere” marked the monumental occasion with the inaugural performance in late September. Through December 16, Bono, The Edge, and the rest of the beloved rock band will take to the stage. Reflecting on the engagement, the band, who hasn’t played live since December 2019, said, “Sphere is more than just a venue; it’s a gallery, and U2’s music is going to be all over the walls.”

The other part of the Sphere Experience launched in early October is the new groundbreaking film, “Postcard from Earth,” from Academy Award-nominated director Darren Aronofsky. Stunning displays and immersive technologies define the cinematic experience, which takes the audience on a sensory and breathtaking journey of our beautiful planet, taking them to new worlds without ever leaving their seats. Utilizing 4D technologies, such as immersive seats and environmental effects, the Sphere stimulates the senses with touches, such as hearing the rumble of thunder, feeling a cool breeze, and smelling familiar scents.

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